From Dark to Light Book by Isabella Murphy

About the Book

From Dark to Light” is an enchanting story. It is a story about pumpkins that struggled with darkness to be recognized and desired to be loved. In this book, children will be going to learn about the life cycle of a pumpkin that Pumpker takes out the seed and sowed it, likewise, children don’t wait to be grown-up, he pops out from the ground and wait for the shining moment to be chosen by a family to get to their home. The interior of the book and its cover both are very nice. It is among the most popular books for children. The life of a pumpkin was well described in this book i.e. from seed to grown-up pumpkin. This book well describes the challenges in life and tackling them makes us stronger. The Book “From Dark to Light” was published on 10th October 2017.


About the Author

Author Isabella Murphy is a 17-year-old Italian American teenager. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, California with her family and two dogs. In addition to writing, Isabella loves sports, music, singing, and dancing. She looks forward to writing more books that bring joy to her book readers. She recently won the award for her poem “I felt Rhapsodic” i.e. Half Moon Bay Library Teen Poetry 2018. She is giving back all her gains for a campaign to save the children. Natalia Perez, an illustrator with whom she collaborated. It is very wonderful to become an author from a writer at a very early stage. She wrote this book at an age of 12 as a 5th grader. After that Pink Umbrella Publishers published this book and later on the publisher used a Spanish speaker to translate this book and the “Spanish” book was released in the market. Now this book is available in Spanish also. She also won the first prize of the Pencraft Award in the children’s picture book category. Her delightful book has been an inspiration to other young writers. She demonstrated an understanding of the perspective of life. It can be called one of the best among Halloween book kindergarten.

Perspective Changes Everything

It is very relatable for the children. Pumpker sisters are teasing him constantly and making his life harder as possible. He just wants to get away from merciless teasing. But he and his sisters are chosen by children in the same family. What will happen next in the story is the main lesson for the children. The theme of the story is wonderful as the author is a child herself. Her resilience shines through her selected characters. Pumpker is not desiring the expectation of the world to hold him back. From Dark to Light is one of the popular children’s books for kindergarten to read as it is fully inspirational to readers. It is the best example reflecting that children are very capable to do anything and they don’t need permission to shine but they should use their full potential to reach their goals.

Why Everyone Need To Read This Book

It is one of the popular children’s books for kindergarten and children will find it interesting and funny too. School-going students should also read this award-winning literature to diversify life on their knowledge shelf. From dark to light book describes a delightful tale of a boy pumpkin named, “Pumpker” who is planted adjoining with his two sisters named “Plumpalicious” and “Plumpilina” who dreams of growth and sunshine until his final selection by a family for Halloween. He was very mocked by his sisters as his sisters have different interests. So, he wanted to be selected for Halloween by a family to get rid of teasing.

Later on, Pumpker and his sisters were chosen simultaneously by a family for Halloween. They took them to their home and Pumpker was very delighted to be scary and beautiful. They all have scary eyebrows and big eyes. Also, they are given candles so that light glows from their carvings and carved faces at night. It is an inspiring story that takes the young lads on a fascinating journey describing the whole life of a Pumpkin with a purpose. It can be called under the category of children’s picture book, popular children’s books for kindergarten, pumpkin patch book for children, picture books autumn, Halloween books for children.

In A Nutsell

This is a cute picture book explaining the life of a pumpkin. The challenges faced by the Pumpkin can be relatable to our life. So, it is a highly recommended book, parents should make this book to be read by their children as it inspires them to apply their full potential to reach the desired goals. This book is available on retail and online shows. It is available on Amazon also. Availability of the Spanish release is on retail and online stores. The E-book is already made available on Kindle. This book is perfect for Halloween book for 3 year old read.

To listen to Isabella’s podcast interview with Jedlie’s Magic Circus click here.

“An inspiring story for young dreamers.” -Midwest Book Review 

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Author Isabella recently won a teen poetry contest for her poem, “I Felt Rhapsodic.”

I felt rhapsodic when petals spread like watercolor And I said goodbye to the purity of my mind
Kept fretting, fretting until it seemed ok
My worries were withering away
And when the quarreling was over A sigh of relief
Kept singing, singing, until
Walls slowly melted away
And then a wave swallowed me whole And water filled my lungs
With my persistence I managed
And I walked through the gate
As all were watching
And passing their questions
And I and laughter filled the space Curled, to cover up how I felt
But the quarreling was over
And water rushed up the veins
The weight carried me to a shore And led me to Eve in paradise – here

cert - Edited
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