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“An inspiring story for young dreamers.” -Midwest Book Review 

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Isabella recently won a teen poetry contest for her poem, “I Felt Rhapsodic.”

I felt rhapsodic when petals spread like watercolor And I said goodbye to the purity of my mind
Kept fretting, fretting until it seemed ok
My worries were withering away
And when the quarreling was over A sigh of relief
Kept singing, singing, until
Walls slowly melted away
And then a wave swallowed me whole And water filled my lungs
With my persistence I managed
And I walked through the gate
As all were watching
And passing their questions
And I and laughter filled the space Curled, to cover up how I felt
But the quarreling was over
And water rushed up the veins
The weight carried me to a shore And led me to Eve in paradise – here

cert - Edited

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