“From Dark to Light” traces the birth of Pumpker, a boy pumpkin seed from dark planting and underground dreaming to sunshine and growing until final selection by a family for Halloween. Pumpker has two sisters, Plumpalicious and Plumpilina, who mock him and laugh at him. But he grows into a fine large pumpkin and hopes that one day a child and family will choose him to be their Halloween pumpkin, and he will not be mocked or teased any more. Imagine his joy when he sees a snaggle toothed grin of a little girl who claims him and his two sisters for her family Halloween pumpkins. Pumpker is chosen, along with his sisters, and taken home with the girl and her parents. He is delighted to be made beautiful and scary, with the Halloween pumpkin carving of big eyes and scary eyebrows, nose and mouth. Pumpker, Plumpalicious, and Plumpalina are given candles to make the night glow through their carved faces as the night falls. Charming, light, whimsical illustrations portray the metamorphosis of Pumpker and his sisters from seeds planted in the ground to glowing jack-o-lanterns in this charming Halloween fable written by a ten year old girl who loved Halloween and fall. It is an inspiring story for young dreamers. -Midwest Book Review

Murphy describes Pumpker’s emotions clearly, makes him sympathetic, and conveys his sense of fulfillment. Pérez’s (Escuelita Sinfonía, 2018) well-done illustrations have a lively angularity that works well with a pumpkin’s carved features. -Kirkus Review

First I have to point out that the author of this wonderful book is only 12 years old. Having been a writer at a young age too, I could relate to someone of a young age imagining the world through the eyes of something like, a pumpkin. Because I have several children, three that are still at home and very young, I enjoyed the fact that I could imagine myself reading this book to them. As with all my reviews I gave a star for being brave enough to write and work hard to get your book published. For this author I wish I could give more. I found the cover and interior very nice and the book as a whole flowed from page to page. The one thing I enjoyed the most about this book was it was a boy seed and his two sister seeds.  As I said before I have three children left in my house and there are two girls and a boy. The girls are older and they often leave their brother out when playing together. Listening to the boy seed talk about being left out; made me think of the times when my son has had to work his way into the games his sisters were playing. Over all, this is a fantastic book and I would recommend it to everyone, especially anyone with young children. -G.D. Talbot (click here to see full review)

I was immediately enchanted with this picture book upon seeing the cover. I’m a lover of all things fall and the pumpkin illustrations provided that cozy autumn vibe. As I prepared to read it I made myself a cup of tea, put on some fuzzy socks, and cracked it open. The story itself is wonderfully written and tells a story of struggle, hope, and joy through the eyes of a pumpkin, Pumpker. -Danielle, a.k.a Miss Teacher (click here to see full review)

The story is well written and the illustrations are incredible. You don’t see many books around for Halloween time so I would defiantly recommend picking this one up. -Another Book Brain (click here to see full review)
What a charming book for readers of all ages who enjoy uplifting stories about the journey of a lonely ‘child’ in search of a loving home. Beautifully written, shockingly so for such a young writer, From Dark to Light is the perfect Halloween/Thanksgiving book to bring warmth and lightheartedness to families everywhere. Highly recommended. -Margo
I love this story and I was lucky enough to have Isabella read it to my first grade class. The story is full of feeling and emotion. Her words are carefully chosen and the illustrations are wonderful. Both captured the audience beautifully. A great seasonal read and a wonderful story any time of the year. -Stephanie

This is a sensitively told story about a pumpkin seeking the love and stability of a family. It is very carefully told, with a lot of descriptive language, and with great feeling. Kids will relate to this book, and also be enthusiastic about its message of love and acceptance. The illustrations are vibrant and fun. Perfect for Halloween time, or any time of the year! -Karen

My first grade class was fascinated by the story from Dark to Light and enjoyed the beautiful flow of language. They were captivated by the characters and their journey from being planted in the dark of the soil and seeing the light of finding a loving family. The students were also excited that such an engaging story with rich vocabulary was written by a fifth grader. Isabella is definitely a wonderful role model for these young children. It is a book for students of all ages. –First grade teacher

I was captivated by Isabella Murphy’s storytelling and hope she continues on in her journey as an author. –Authors Reading (click here to read full review)

Isabella Murphy, actually did what many of us dreamed of: she wrote this book, From Dark To Light when she was in 5th grade! And, what’s even more amazing is that while it may look like a simple little book about a pumpkin, this girl was able to tap into some pretty intense feelings for a kid her age and express them in a way that’s both relatable yet poetic. -Inkandpaperwanderlust (click here to read full review)

Lovers of the season and all things fall, From Dark To Light is the book for you. This wonderfully written story is about struggle, resilience, and joy through the eyes of Pumpker the pumpkin.  What is more impressive is that this lovely fall picture book written by 5th grader Isabella Murphy. -Bethany Biracialbookworms (click here to read a full review)

From Dark to Light is a story that’s a fun read for the fall and Halloween season.  It’s also a good lesson in self-acceptance for parents and kids alike. -Kim Love, Mrs. Mommy (click here to read a full review)