PenCraft Award


Isabella’s trip to the 2018 PenCraft Awards in Lumberton, TX on November 10th was featured in the Business Journals.  Isabella was honored with four outstanding authors for her literary accomplishments.  To read the full article, click here.

Isabella Murphy is the author of “From Dark to Light,” a book she wrote as a 5th grader. A couple of years later, Isabella’s book was published by Pink Umbrella Publishing. Her delightful book, beautifully illustrated by Natalia Perez, caught our eye and won 1st place for the PenCraft Award in the category of Children Books. Since the release of her book, Isabella has been an inspiration to other writers both young and old.

This talented young author’s writing demonstrates an astonishing understanding of what life is about in her allegorical book about a pumpkin that struggles with darkness, the desire to be recognized, sibling conflict, and the desire to be loved. Isabella Murphy’s creativity, writing skills and steadfast marketing of her book should be an inspiration to all writers who have a story to tell, but just haven’t had the drive or the patience to write it.

Isabella Murphy’s life is exciting, but a bit hectic. Friday evening, November 9th, she will attend a school function in California and, on Saturday morning, November 10th, board a plane and fly to Texas to attend the PenCraft Award ceremony. At the ceremony, Isabella will be available to answer your questions and reveal more about her fascinating life as an 8th grade published author.